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Cuba it is in nature beautiful. When Cuba was discovered by the famed explorer Christopher Columbus, in 1492 he said "(...) This is the most beautiful land that human eyes have seen (...)". Since then our country leaves its visitors the best memories for life.

There are multiple options on tourist routes that we propose, cities with high historical value, cultural and architectural and splendid beaches and parks, we will propose some places of the most important, splendit and known worldwide. We can help to you to organize your touristic package for the best route!

Viñales, Pinar del Rio

The traveler reaches the valley from Havana, is enjoying the change of tones Cuban green, and up the valley when the change is dramatic and awe-inspiring; the complicity between nature and silence makes the visitor owns a majestic natural beauty that is everywhere, from the Cueva del Indio, with its underground river to the Mural of Prehistory, sits the Rancho San Vicente and the fabulous Mirador Los Jazmines. There are a mountainous, unique formations on the island, called hummocks. These hummocks are very unique geomorphological formations where some of them measure up to hundreds of meters high. These hillocks resemble a wide variety of forms. They are only comparable with those located in China and the Malay Peninsula In the valley there are other elevations, as Pizarras Heights, which consist of a variety of rocks, the oldest existing throughout the country and in the Caribbean area.

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Varadero Beach, Matanzas

It is situated on the Hicacos Peninsula, between the Bay of Cárdenas and the Straits of Florida, some 140 km east of Havana, at the eastern end of the Via Blanca highway. The peninsula is only 1.2 km wide at its widest point and is separated from the island of Cuba by the Kawama Channel. This spit of land however extends more than 20 kilometers from the mainland in a northeasterly direction and its tip, Punta Hicacos, is the northernmost point of the island of Cuba. Varadero is foremost a tourist resort town, boasting more than 20 km of white sandy beaches. The first tourists visited Varadero as early as the 1870s, and for years it was considered an elite resort. In 1910 the annual rowing regatta was started; five years later the first hotel, named Varadero and later Club Nautico, was built. Tourism grew in the early 1930s as Irénée du Pont, an American millionaire, built his estate on the peninsula. Many famous and infamous people stayed in Varadero, for example Al Capone.

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Trinidad City, Sancti Spíritus

The heritage and architectural conservation of Trinidad in the south-central Sancti Spiritus province, puts at the sight of visitors a city frozen in time, where the architecture of the colonial centuries expressed in their homes, streets, squares and plazas. For these reasons the city was declared, together with the nearby Valley of the Sugar Mills, Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1988. Founded in 1514 it became the third Cuban villa and is located between the sea and the mountains of Guamuahaya, historically known as El Escambray. In their domains it is possible to enjoy beaches, hiking and contact with the past and present history of the island.

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Around Holguín City


National Monument and Site of the International Festival of Poor Cinema "Humberto Solás", this city, despite its charming trifle, is endowed with stunning scenery due to its proximity to the sea and the lush vegetation of the surrounding nature. Gibara holds a peculiar picture, marked by the preservation of a treasured historic cultural heritage for over two centuries.

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When you arrive in Cuba do not forget to visit the museum site largest in the Caribbean, from the top there will appreciate as they were buried indocubanos, customs, clothing longest established and use enjoy the preserved landscape and a pleasant climate since our ancestors buried their dead on top of a hill which overlooks the sea and the mountains of the Massif Maniabón. Place a background is a Taina village (name and identified carrying the Indians of the region). Only about 10 kilometers from Guardalavaca beach and 1 hour from the city of Holguin. Do not miss the opportunity to refresh the history of America.

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If you want to visit the flagship destination of history and geography Holguín contact us, just 45 minutes from the city parks Cuban can know the exact point where European cultures converged and the world indocubano, ecological niche, preserved and located with a Catholic cross the area where Christopher Columbus the Genoese sailor put his foot on the island, there will not only enjoy the scenery very well preserved indeed, but also have at its disposal a unique landscape, this exceptional place led the discoverer to decide "This is the most beautiful land that human eyes somebody ever seen." There is a sea buoy or sign showing the location of visitors to the area where you parked for about a week the three caravels type craft that moved on its journey from the coast of Palos de Moguer to the new world. Do not miss the opportunity to imagine how Cuba was in the fifteenth century, full of stories, beauty and icognitas adventures. Go and learn. Do not let someone tell you.

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Tours in Baracoa City

Baracoa is Cuba's oldest city, being the first town founded by the Spanish on 15 August 1511 under the name of "Villa of Our Lady of the Assumption of Baracoa". Declared National Monument, the city is bathed by Miel River and between its natural attractions are the Toa River, the River and Yumurí Yunque de Baracoa. In this city it is preserved in a glass case with a silver pedestal the "Cross of Parra", symbol of Christianity, which brought Christopher Columbus on his first voyage and is the only relic of discovery preserved in America. Between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Baracoa was continually harassed by privateers and pirates, and even looted and burned. Thus, between 1739 and 1742 a system of defensive fortifications, such as Fort Matachín, Fort La Punta, and Seboruco Castle of Santa Barbara, current Hotel El Castillo was built. In the late eighteenth century Baracoa reach more than a hundred French families fleeing the Haitian Revolution. The influence of French immigration soon made itself felt in the local culture.

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Tours in Santiago of Cuba City

Santiago de Cuba is located in the Caribbean and has a wonderful geographical location, thanks to which was the first capital of Cuba, since its founding in 1515 to 1556. It is a unique city, combining values ​​and attractions that show the idiosyncrasies of its people , culture and history of the place, in addition to the enjoyment of the exotic nature. It is known as the Hero City of Cuba, a title that was granted by the support of his people to the liberation wars of Cubans. Christopher Columbus had already spotted his magnificent and sheltered bay from his first trip to America. The first conquerors and colonizers of Cuba set in it his capital from the distant year of 1522, when it was officially declared "city". The Catholic Church also took the first seat of the Archbishopric on the island, a title he still holds. Santiago de Cuba was also attacked by pirates and buccaneers, who were in search of riches that were part of what he had inherited this territory. In 1554 the French pirate François Le Clerc also known as Jambe de Bois (Pata de Palo) sacked the city of Santiago de Cuba, fleeing her with a booty of 80000 pesos.

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